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To better understand more of our services and offerings please download our full START program packet with the link below. This will give you a better overview of the many services we offer to students throughout their time at OSU.

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Student Health Services at the Oregon State University Corvallis campus, founded in 1936, continues to serve as leaders for student health and wellbeing across campus. Our aim is to support student success while giving students the knowledge, skills, care, and support they need to be healthy while at OSU and throughout their life span.

Student Health Services is a multi-disciplinary team comprised of a highly qualified and dedicated staff of health professionals who are committed to the practice of healthcare, while also working to create campus environments that support health, safety, and wellness. Our programs and services are tailored to meet the holistic needs of the student population, including their physical, mental, emotional, social, and academic wellbeing.

Student Health Services places a high value on health equity, social justice, and inclusion, and we honor the diverse cultures and backgrounds of our students. As part of the division of Student Affairs, we are continuously working in collaboration with other departments to better support students who have faced historic and systemic challenges. This includes our first-generation students, students with high financial need, and BIPOC students.

We are here for you, please reach out if you have questions about student health and well-being at OSU.  We really look forward to working with you this coming year!

Kelly Hower
Executive Director-Student Health Services
Oregon State University

Introducing Student Health Services