Parking policy overview

We strive to make parking available to OSU students while receiving care or conducting business at SHS. This policy was developed in cooperation with, and is enforced by, OSU Transportation Services.

Contact Transportation Services for additional information about getting to campus and parking permits.

Accessible parking

There are ADA parking spaces in the parking area on the south side of the Health Center.

There is also an online map of all ADA spaces on campus.


Parking near The Health Center is very limited. We appreciate your courteous cooperation in observing this parking policy.

Six (6) parking spaces have been reserved for the exclusive use of students while at SHS. They are all clearly marked for this purpose.

It is your responsibility to request a permit upon arrival at SHS.

When only one of the six spaces remains, SHS requests that it be used only by patients who are in need of immediate medical care.

The Tebeau Rapid clinic has reserved parking spots for which students can request a free pass at check in.