Students may access the pharmacy at the Samaritan Athletic Medicine Center on the Corvallis campus or a number of other local pharmacies in the Corvallis community. 

1. Samaritan Athletic Medicine Center
    845 SW 30th St., Suite 201
    (near Reser Stadium)

2. Bi-Mart (Walgreens Pharmacy)
    1555 SW 53rd St.

3. Safeway
    5270 SW Philomath Blvd.

4. Safeway
    450 SW 3rd St.   

5. Rice's Pharmacy
    910 NW Kings Blvd.

6. Fred Meyer
    777 NW Kings Blvd.

7. Walmart
    1840 NW 9th St. 

8. Rite Aid
    2080 NW 9th St.

9. Safeway
    590 NE Circle Blvd.

How to fill prescriptions?

New prescriptions

Student Health Services providers are happy to send prescriptions to any pharmacy the student chooses, including pharmacies in close proximity to the OSU Corvallis campus.


OSU student insurance prescription benefits

The OSU sponsored Pacific Source insurance plans offer robust and comprehensive pharmacy coverage that can be accessed at most retail pharmacies, including the pharmacy at the Samaritan Athletic Medicine Center. Mail order prescriptions are also available. Pacific Source uses the CVS-Caremark PBM (pharmacy benefit manager). Students covered by Pacific Source may fill prescriptions at any retail pharmacy that accepts CVS-Caremark coverage. Members should refer to the Pacific Source website for more information about pharmacy benefits.