Jenny Haubenreiser, MA, FACHA

Executive Director, Student Health Services

Having spent the past 18 years in college health I have a deep and sustained passion for the well-being of students. I come to work each day committed to supporting the work we do to set a strong foundation for student success through the enhancement of physical and mental health, as well as the creation of safe and supportive learning and living environments.

Jeffrey Mull, MD

Director of Medical Services and staff physician

I am a general practitioner who has enjoyed caring for OSU students for the past 33 years. My clinical focus is on sports medicine, travel and international medicine, and performing minor surgical procedures. My administrative roles include supervision of SHS physicians and psychiatrists as well as oversight of our Records and Reception, Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, and Travel Medicine departments. For the university, I oversee the Occupational Medicine Program and serve on the campus Student Care Team. 

Amy McLaughlin, MA, CISM, CETL

Director of Information Services

I am both a technologist and an educator, with more than 20 years of experience working in information technology where I have focused on information security and data privacy, and the same number of years teaching psychology at a community college. My role at Student Health Services includes oversight of the communications, marketing and information technology activities that support the delivery of SHS' comprehensive range of programs and services. 

Marcie Thompson, MBA

Director of Finance and Operations

I oversee the financial wellbeing and resource stewardship of SHS as well as the Insurance and Billing, Medical Records and Referral, CCare, and Immunization departments.  I’m inspired by the rewarding opportunities I have daily to engage with, and contribute to, the OSU community in a meaningful way. I believe businesses can succeed by practicing empathy and compassion and those values are at the core of my work. I’m passionate about college health because I am able to connect with students to develop the skills necessary to be informed healthcare consumers. 

Kelly HOgan

Director of Prevention and Wellness

Serving students well-being has been my mission for many years.  In my role, I enjoy working with students, staff, faculty, campus and community partners to foster an atmosphere that creates and supports students’ healthy decision making regarding their well-being This is done through individual conversations; outreach to larger groups; collaborating with colleagues; broad based committee involvement; research/policy development; and leadership in the field.

Becca Williams

Director, Survivor Advocacy Resource Center

I have worked in the field of gender equity for the last ten years as an advocate for survivors of interpersonal violence, and as an ally working alongside diverse groups on social justice issues.  I have worked in rape crisis centers, domestic violence shelters, reproductive health clinics, and on college campuses.

I was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California, and I have lived on five continents, speak Spanish, and have traveled to over 25 countries working on equity issues.  I'm thrilled to embark on this new adventure and to be part of the OSU community!