If you’re interested in learning more about whether PEP or PrEP might be right for you, please schedule an appointment with a clinician at the OSU Student Health Center by calling 541-737-9355 or schedule online on the Student Patient Portal.

PEP and PrEP are terms used to describe several ways in which people who are currently HIV negative, and who are at risk for HIV infection, can use anti-HIV medication to prevent infection with the HIV virus.

HIV is a virus that is transmitted sexually or by sharing contaminated needles.

PEP(Post-exposure Prophylaxis)  is a term used to describe taking anti-HIV medication AFTER a specific high-risk exposure to HIV - for example, after engaging in sex without a condom (or if the condom slips or breaks) - with a partner who is HIV+, or whose HIV status is unknown.

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PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) is a term used to describe taking anti-HIV medication to prevent HIV infection, taken by HIV-negative persons who are at risk of infection. Used together with other HIV risk reduction approaches, including consistent condom use, PrEP can significantly reduce the risk of HIV infection.

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