Protecting your medical records and rights.

You have a right to your medical records and to have them protected.

At Student Health Services, we can help you request your medical records to assist your provider with your care here at school.

We can also provide your doctor at home, your parents, or you with copies of the care you receive in our clinic.

How to request medical records

Students can visit the medical records and office in Plageman Building, room 337, and fill out an Authorization to Release Medical Information form.

Former students or patients who are unable to come to SHS can fill out the online version of this form.

Submitting a Release of Information form

Patients who have downloaded, printed, and completed the online form can:

You can also complete the form in our office.

Note: If you are submitting a request to have your records transferred to SHS from an outside care provider, it can take up to 30 days to complete the transaction.

The do's and don'ts of medical records

We will...

  • Send your requested records via fax, encrypted email or USPS mail.
  • Provide records within 30 days from when the request is received.

We are unable to...

  • Let anyone have your records without your signed release of consent - including your parent or guardian.
  • Allow a blanket release for all records into the future.
What's a referral?

A referral is when your provider sends you to a specialist. We will help you navigate the world of insurance and make sure your new doctor participates with your insurance.

Your provider may also order a test that we don't perform at SHS. Our office, if needed, will obtain the authorization and help you schedule the appointment.

For additional information about referrals, visit Cherry Bonnichsen in Plageman #337 or call the referral staff at 541-737-7571.

How do I fill out the Release of Information?
  1. From our "Forms" section, download and print the Authorization to Release Medical Information form.
  2. For the first box, enter your name, OSU ID#, and date of birth
  3. For the second box, enter the information of the doctor or facility you are requesting medical records from (i.e. who has your medical records now), even if it's currently SHS.
  4. For the third box, enter what information you are requesting (i.e. entire medical records, lab reports, etc.)
  5. For the fourth box, titled "Initials," please initial the boxes corresponding with any information in those categories you want included in your records release. For example, if there is information in your records pertaining to a drug/alcohol diagnosis, treatment, or referral, and you are comfortable with that information being disclosed, please initial the box next to "drug/alcohol diagnosis."
  6. For the fifth box, enter the information of where you want your records sent, even if it's to you.
  7. Under "what is the purpose for which this information will be used?," check the box that best describes the purpose for disclosing your records. If you are unsure, you can check "continuing care" as an option.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the medical records staff at 541-737-7609 or visit Plageman Building, room 337.