Looking after your mental health at SHS

We offer individualized mental health services at SHS, that may include medication as well as other treatment options.

To see a clinician for mental health concerns at SHS, please call 541-737-WELL (9355) to make an appointment.


Our Approach

Our clinical team supports a student's whole health, including mental and social health. Support for this may look different for each student. The evidence shows that integrating mental health and general medical services has become a cornerstone to supporting a student’s wellbeing.

One exciting example of this is a new model, collaborative care, which allows for a coordinated effort from a team consisting of your SHS primary care provider, mental health care specialist, and psychiatrist consultant. This kind of wraparound care produces interventions centered around a student's specific needs.


Substance Use Clinician

Our substance use clinician is a licensed professional counselor who offers clinical evaluations for substance use and substance use disorders, as well as individual counseling.

Other campus counseling resources

Comprehensive counseling services are available at Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) on the fifth floor of Snell Hall. Call 541-737-2131 to reach CAPS.

Services at CAPS are also covered by the OSU health fee, paid as part of your tuition. There may be separate fees charged for any testing services conducted in conjunction with counseling.