photo of SHS main door

Our Mission

To lead, support and promote the optimal health and well-being of all Oregon State University students and the campus community. We:

  • Provide holistic and comprehensive care, education and support
  • Create safe, healthy and supportive learning and living environments
  • Sustain academic, personal and social success
  • Build competencies to support life-long health and wellness
  • Lead public health policy, initiatives and response
  • Continually assess and improve our programs and services to best serve students’ ever-changing needs
  • Embrace diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our practice

close up photo of a woven quilt hanging outside the sarc office

Our Vision

Student Health Services will be an organization that is nationally recognized for its commitment to public health by promoting lifelong healthy behaviors, healthy environments, and global citizenship.

close up of meningitis B vaccination promotional materials

Our Values

  • Student-centered care: We are here to serve the students of Oregon State and tailor our services to their individual and population-level needs.
  • Inclusion: With a goal toward health equity we serve with compassion and empathy, seeking social justice for all OSU students.
  • Synergy: We recognize that working together as a multi-disciplinary team in an environment of mutual respect leads to a greater good and that we can do more together than the sum of our individual efforts.
  • Stewardship: We are committed to efficient use of our financial and human resources, diversification of our funding sources and transparency in our use of public funds.
  • Evidence-based and data-driven practices: deploying the best knowledge and experience in the field towards optimal outcomes in support of student health, well-being and success.
  • Resilience: We embrace innovation, honoring creative approaches to solving problems and garnering strength through our many partnerships on campus, within the community and throughout the state.