Dixon Lodge: Home of the Joan & Tom Skoro Collegiate Recovery Community

Dixon Lodge is located at SW Jefferson and 11th. During the COVID-19 response, access to the CRC Clubhouse is currently limited to residents only.

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Dixon Lodge also plays host to a variety of meetings for those interested in recovery programs. Click below to access the current schedule.

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Introducing the Oregon State University Collegiate Recovery Community


College is a place to live and learn independently.

For some students, this transition involves high-risk drinking and drug use. Other students decide they will abstain from alcohol or other drug use due to substance use disorders. Still, others start college life already active in their sobriety. The general lack of understanding about substanceuse disorders among college students can be stigmatizing. Statements like “Everyone drinks in college” are not uncommon. The early years in college are often dangerous for students who have been in recovery from substance use.

We’re here to help.


In 2013, Oregon State took steps toward meeting the needs of students in recovery from substance use disorders by launching a Collegiate Recovery Community funded in part by Pepsi through the OSU Beverage Partnership.

The Joan & Tom Skoro Collegiate Recovery Community provides an opportunity for students to enjoy a social life with additional support in a recovery-first environment. In 2016, the program expanded to include a donor-funded Recovery Living Community in partnership with University Housing & Dining Services.

The CRC provides its members and residents with:
  • A 24/7 Clubhouse with:
    • Safe, sober place for members
    • Recovery-oriented meetings
    • Study space
    • Lounge
    • Kitchen
    • Coffee and tea
    • Locker space
  • 24/7 support from members and staff
  • Academic advising
  • Sober events
  • A tight-knit fellowship of students in recovery



"[We] have a tight bond, we look out for each other, we are available for our friends in recovery 24/7, no matter what."