Students have many options to help manage stress:


Acupuncture draws on the body's own ability to heal itself, apparently stimulating that function in several ways. According to traditional Chinese medical theory, acupuncture balances the energy flow of the body. Each acupuncture point has well-defined functions for the restoration of health and harmony. While the mechanisms of action remain only partially understood, there is a significant body of research demonstrating the effects of acupuncture. 


Massage therapy is an age-old health practice that has become part of many OSU students' health and fitness routine. Students find that massage is a complement to other health services in promoting their health. Therapeutic massage can be a component of your health maintenance or wellness plan.

Health coaching

Health Coaching is informal, confidential meetings with a health educator that are designed to help students improve their overall health. Discussions focus on areas of desired improvement and goals associated with these areas. Health coaches help participants to develop an individualized health improvement plan in order to meet these goals. (No charge for students.) Learn more about health coaching.


College students report at least two times as many sleep difficulties as the general population. This is of particular concern because poor sleep quality can cause increased tension, irritability, depression, confusion and lower life satisfaction. There is also strong evidence that getting adequate sleep can positively affect academic performance and GPA. Learn more about how to get a good night's sleep.