SHS is now able to provide a wide range of telehealth appointments to students.  If you don’t need to be seen in person, please contact us for a telehealth appointment by calling 541-737-9355.

What is a telehealth appointment?

Telehealth is the delivery of health care services through live, interactive videoconferencing or by phone. Telehealth allows you to see and speak to your clinician (or other health care service provider) without you having to travel away from home. 

The benefits of a telehealth appointment include:

  • Convenience and expedience
  • Avoiding exposure to infectious diseases in the clinical setting
  • Ability to meet with a clinician and determine if an in-person visit is necessary or even advisable.


Should I ask for a telehealth appointment?

  • If you have an emergency or are severely short of breath you should go immediately to local hospital or call 911.  SHS is not able to provide ongoing Oxygen or Respiratory support for severely ill patients. 
  • Don’t come in if you have mild to moderate cold or flu symptoms.  Stay home and practice good self-care.
  • Do call for an appointment if you have a non-respiratory illness or injury 


SHS offers the following types of telehealth visits:

  • Primary care general visits
  • Reproductive health care visits – including birth control counseling and prescriptions
  • Prescription refills
  • Certified Alcohol & Drug Counseling
  • Psychiatric visits


How is telehealth different from a regular in-person visit?

Your telehealth appointment is similar to your regular visit. The only difference is that you will see and speak to your doctor via videoconferencing or via phone! The SHS telehealth system uses a secure, HIPAA compliant implementation of Zoom which you can access via computer or phone. Just speak normally as if you are having an in-person conversation. You should be able to see and hear your clinician clearly.

There are a few differences between a telehealth appointment and an in-person visit.  During a telehealth appointment:

  • Your vitals will not be taken
  • The clinician will not be able to conduct a hands-on physical exam
  • Your clinician will determine whether or not the condition being evaluated and/or treated is appropriate for a telehealth encounter. 

How is my privacy protected?

Your privacy is important to us. Your appointment takes place in real time and is not recorded. The equipment is all on a secured network that meets the same privacy and security standards as the medical equipment you find at SHS.

In addition to the clinician protecting your privacy, there are steps you can do as a patient to protect your own privacy.

  1. Review your patient rights and responsibilities (link --
  2. Identify a private and quite space to have your telehealth appointment. You should plan to hold your appointment away from family, roommates, strangers, etc.  

How Telehealth Appointments Work

  1. Contact SHS to schedule an appointment 541-737-9355
  2. Go to the Patient Portal at
  3. Login with your ONID username and password. You will need to authenticate using Duo.
  4. On the left side of the screen click the “Appointments” link.
  5. All your past and future appointments will be displayed.
  6. Look for the “Check In” or “Join Now” link to connect to your appointment.
  7. If this is your first-time using zoom, you will need to follow the directions to download and run the zoom application. 
  8. Before you complete your connection to the appointment, please test your audio by following the on-screen directions. For best experience please use a computer to access your appointment. 
  9. Once you are checked in, the zoom meeting will say “waiting for meeting to start” if the clinician has not yet started your appointment.  
  10. Once the provider has started the meeting, you will automatically be in your appointment.