Oregon State University students can be reassured that their health is supported by many caring staff and faculty members. In the forefront for health is Student Health Services. SHS clinicians, health educators and other highly skilled health professionals provide campuswide comprehensive primary health care, disease prevention and treatment services, and extensive health promotion for all OSU students.

Student Health Services is fortunate to employ a team of highly qualified health professionals who are dedicated to improving and maintaining the wellness of the entire OSU community. These caring individuals appreciate the unique environment of a university campus. They find it stimulating to work with people like college students who are eager to become equal partners in their health care and who are, in most instances, motivated to learn what they can do to stay well

SHS annual reports

For more information about Student Health Services, take a look at our Annual Reports. These yearly summaries provide an overview of our successes and contributions, goals, campus survey data, and financial reports.