Committed to students.

The Prevention and Wellness team supports the health and well-being of students through a variety of services.


Spring Term 2020 Updates

As Spring Term continues to offer students remote learning opportunities, the Prevention and Wellness Team are offering courses of interest to students. Our current course offerings can be found here. Please click on the button to attend the Zoom Meeting at the designated date and time to join.

Alcohol & drug prevention   

Oregon State University is committed to maintaining an educational and workplace environment that is free from drugs and alcohol. To that end, we provide prevention programs related to the abuse of alcohol and controlled substances, support for those who need help with substance misuse or abuse and education to help our community with responsible use.

Interpersonal Violence Prevention   

Interpersonal Violence (IPV) is a public health epidemic and safety threat to college campuses nationwide. It doesn’t have to be this way at Oregon State University, because Beavers Give a Dam™! We each have a role in creating a safe and caring community that is free from IPV.


To ensure that our campus is a safe, welcoming community for all students, the Wellness team provides health promotion and prevention workshops for OSU students.


We strive to support students in recovery by providing them with meetings, recovery-friendly housing and other resources. You can learn more about the services we have to help you succeed on your recovery journey by clicking the link above.