Become a peer leader.

Want to influence student health and well-being on campus? Join the Wellness Agents program!


To support student success, health and well-being through comprehensive, high-impact peer programs.

Wellness Agents are grounded in the belief that high quality peer programs foster healthy behaviors, student engagement and success, and overall inclusivity through education, environmental change and advocacy.

  • Student success
  • Evidence and public health theory-based
  • Collaboration
  • Campus-wide multilevel change
  • Social justice and inclusivity
  • Community engagement and community building

Students from all over campus can be involved in making OSU a healthier, more inclusivity community.

Peer leaders work with professional faculty in Alcohol, Drug and Violence Prevention; Health Promotion; Survivor Advocacy; Community Relations; and Mental Health.

This program is an opportunity to gain professional experience and learn about working in higher education with an awesome team.

Get involved.

For more information, please contact Sara Caldwell-Kan.