Become a peer leader.

Want to influence student health and well-being on campus? Join the Wellness Agents program! Applications are now open. Scroll down for more information.

Our mission

To support student success, health and well-being through comprehensive, high-impact peer programs.

Wellness Agents are grounded in the belief that high quality peer programs foster healthy behaviors, student engagement and success, and overall inclusivity through education, environmental change and advocacy.


We value

  • Student success
  • Evidence and public health theory-based
  • Collaboration
  • Campus-wide multilevel change
  • Social justice and inclusivity
  • Community engagement and community building

Program Facts

This program provides experiential learning, leadership development, and public health approaches within a social justice lens. Wellness Agents provide a student-based extension of Prevention and Wellness through relational work across campus. 

2018-2019 School Year
  • 49 Wellness Agents
  • 2800 hours served on campus
  • 3 major events coordinated
    • Revision
    • Boldly Me
    • Game of Your Life
  • 1279 students participated in Wellness Agent activities


    What do Wellness Agents do?

    Wellness Agents have unique opportunities to get involved in prevention and wellness efforts at Oregon State University. Each term they help plan large awareness events and educate the student population on college health issues.

    Wellness Agents are trained to be campus leaders and work in a cohort. They have opportunities to work with professional faculty and apply skills outside of the classroom to promote health and well being.

    Wellness Agents serve a minimum of 15 hours per term for three consecutive terms (one term of training, followed by at least two terms of service). There are no prerequisites to apply. New cohorts begin each fall and spring term. Applications for fall open at the end of summer and applications for spring are open during winter term. 

    Past activities

    Wellness Agents have lead, supported and coordinated a number of wellness activities throughout campus. Some examples include the annual Boldly Me Health Week and the annual Game of Your Life.

    Wellness Agents have served on the Prevention and Advocacy Coalition, helped designed wellness campaigns and facilitated wellness workshops on a variety of topics.

    Get involved

    We are accepting fall 2020 applications!

    For students hoping to enroll in REAL (Required Experiential Arcs of Learning) Program through the College of Public Health and Human Sciences, the deadline is September 20th. 

    For all other students, the application deadline is October 4th.

    Early applications are highly encouraged. Selected candidates will be invited to interview. All incoming Wellness Agents must be able to attend the following training sessions:

    • Ongoing training sessions, Tuesdays from 4-5:30pm, Weeks 4- 8 (October 20-Nov 17)
    • A one-time virtual retreat on October 24 from 1:3-4:30pm

    New Wellness Agents will also join a mentor group that meets once every other week (times based on students’ schedules).

    **Note, the Fall 2020 cohort will be completely remote.

    Apply Here

    There are no prerequisites to become a Wellness Agent. We accept all types of students! For more information, please contact