Keeping campus safe

Interpersonal Violence (IPV) is a public health epidemic and safety threat to college campuses nationwide. It doesn’t have to be this way at Oregon State University. We each have a role in creating a safe and caring community that is free from IPV because Beavers Give a Dam™

Tips for intervening
  • Approach everyone as a friend
  • Don't be antagonistic
  • Avoid using violence
  • Be honest and direct whenever possible
  • Recruit help if necessary
  • Tell others about your plans to intervene so they'll have your back
  • If things get out of hand or you aren't in a position to intervene for safety reasons, find someone who can - this is your intervention!


Step in and separate people.

A Divider would share their concerns and reasons for intervening, because you are being a friend and acting in their best interest.

Example: “Hey, I am worried about you and this situation is making me uncomfortable. Can I walk you home?”

Recruit help from friends to step in as a group.

Make a plan and verbalize it…“I’ll do A, you do B.”


Example: “I am going to ask if Sam wants to go grab food. Do you want to see if Jordan is ready to go home?”

Step in to redirect the focus somewhere else.

Divert the attention of one person away from the other. Commit a party foul if you need to!


  1. “I have to go to the bathroom, come with me.”
  2. “I’m starving. Qdoba run?”
  3. Strike up a conversation with both people, don’t give up when it gets awkward. “OMG can you believe what happened on ‘This is Us’ this week?!”
  4. Begin a karaoke session or impromptu dance party