Below are some of our most frequently asked questions.

If you have a technical problem or question, please see if one of the answers below can resolve it.

If you experience additional techinical difficulties, please submit a help ticket. Your help ticket will be answered as quickly as possible.

The program shows a blank screen or won’t let me advance—how can I fix this?

If you encounter this problem try one of the following:

  1. Make sure you are on a laptop or computer; the programs do not work on tablets, iPads, or smart phones.
  2. Try using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for your browser-- some students use Internet Explorer and that browser doesn't work really well with the program.
  3. Make sure your Java and/or Flash player are up to date
  4. If none of these options fix your problem, there is technical support from EverFi at this webpage.
  5. If EverFi does not help resolve your issue submit a help ticket.

I have a grades hold on my student account—how do I get this lifted?

The only way to remove the grades hold is to complete part 1 and/or part 2 of the course(s) assigned to you.

Once you complete the required part(s), the grades hold will be lifted from your account within 24 hours.

This grades hold does not affect your ability to register for classes—it simply prevents you from seeing your grades.

If the program says you have completed part 1, are in “intersession”, or have completed part 2 and you still have a grades hold, please submit a help ticket.

I accidentally put myself in the wrong student group.

You can still go through your assigned course(s) and no progress will be lost once administrators have placed you into the correct group.

Please submit a help ticket to request being placed into your correct group.

I can't log in

Please make sure you are using the link given to you in your invitation email.

From there it will bring you to a page and ask you to enter your ONID username and the password associated with that account.

If you have lost your link please submit a help ticket.

Students should not share links with each other, as each link is specific to the student it was given to.

What happens if I do not take the course(s) assigned to me?

Failure to complete each part of the required course(s) will result in a grades hold on your OSU student account.

The only way to lift this hold is to complete each part of the required courses.

Once students complete both parts of the required course(s), the hold will be lifted from their account within 24 hours of completion.

Why am I required to take these online programs?

You've come to Oregon State University to study, work, and make connections that will influence the rest of your professional life.

The topics covered in our required online programs are not limited to your life at school and can impact anyone, anywhere, regardless of student status.

All OSU students are part of our campus community - you too can play a role in creating environments that are healthy, safe, and welcoming.


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