Multi-disciplinary care, centered on our transgender students.

We are committed to providing holistic care to meet the needs of all students while striving to reduce health inequities.

We work closely with our colleagues in Counseling and Psychological Services to provide multi-disciplinary care that is centered on the complex needs of OSU's transgender students.

Student Health Services (SHS)

  • Hormonal therapy and referrals to specialists. Visits to SHS primary care clinicians are fully covered by the OSU Health Fee.
  • Comprehensive preventative services for people of all genders (including PAP smears and age-appropriate prostate exams).
  • Information forms for feminizing medications (PDF) and for testosterone therapy (PDF) to review benefits and side-effects.
  • Hormonal injections, as well as all immunizations.*
  • Lab tests to monitor hormonal therapy.*
  • The OSU-sponsored health plans (for domestic and international students as well as OSU-employed graduate students) have transgender care benefits. For more information, visit their website:


*The OSU Health Fee does not cover lab, immunization nor injection fees. However, SHS can bill most insurance carriers for these services. Whether and what insurance companies will reimburse varies from plan to plan. Please visit the links to the OSU-sponsored plans above for more specific information about coverage by those plans.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

SHS encourages students to work with a counselor if they are wishing to embark on transitioning.

Counselors are qualified to provide any letters that may be recommended or required for treatment.

Counselors provide support for students who are questioning their gender identity, experiencing gender dysphoria, or transitioning. Their goal is to provide an open, supportive and confidential environment for you to address issues that are concerning you.

The following forms of counseling are available:

  • Individual counseling.

  • A variety of group counseling options.

  • Couples/relationship counseling. Questioning one’s gender identity or deciding to make a transition can potentially have a profound effect on a person’s partner as well.

  • Visit the Counseling & Psychological Services website for up-to-date information about services and offerings.

Gender-inclusive restrooms on campus

Click the legend icon (box with an arrow on the far left) to see all gender-inclusive restrooms on campus.

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Additional information

Transgender Resources Pinterest board 

Assembled by the Pride Center, this board includes resources for transgender individuals and for anyone who wants to know more about gender identity. Includes specific resources for OSU students and Oregonians.

Beverly Park, Voice Teacher

Beverly helps transgender students to find their voice, and present an accurate portrait of who they are.

In addition to her BA and MM in Music, Beverly completed certification in Transgender Voice and Communication Training for Voice Clinicians and assists students by working on breath support, relaxation of the vocal mechanism and speech inflection.

The first lesson is complimentary, and her studio is in Corvallis