CAPE is committed to serving the community. We provide confidential advocacy services in English and Spanish to students, faculty, and staff including those in extension offices, Cascades Campus, Hatfield Marine Science Center, and E-Campus. We are dedicated to our core values of providing compassionate, intersectional, trauma-informed, and survivor-centered care to all survivors.

CAPE assists those who have been directly or indirectly impacted, at any point in their life, by:

  • Sexual assault, including unwanted sexual contact
  • Domestic Violence, including roommate violence, family abuse, childhood sexual abuse, kidnapping, and witnessing abuse
  • Dating Violence, including reproductive coercion
  • Stalking, including cyberstalking and revenge porn
  • Academic coercion
  • Gender-based harassment and discrimination
  • Friends and allies of survivors

We serve:

  • All sexual orientations
  • All racial and ethnic identities
  • All gender identities
  • All cultural identities
  • All abilities