Take advantage of the expertise of SHS clinicians at the convenient location of Dixon Recreation Center.

The clinicians and educators at SHS @ Dixon support a holistic approach to health, giving consideration to the broad influences that contribute to life balance and wellness. 


SHS @ Dixon services include massage therapy, physical therapy, sports medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic care and nutrition consultations.

To make an appointment, call SHS @ Dixon at 541-737-7556, or stop by the reception desk at the main (west) entrance to Dixon Recreation Center.

Payment and insurance

All student charges for SHS @ Dixon services are billed to you OSU account. The SHS insurance office will directly bill OSU-sponsored plans.

SHS does not have contracts with other insurance plans.

Students with non-OSU insurance plans should be aware that charges will still appear on their account after SHS has billed their insurance.

Physical therapy

How you will be reimbursed for physical therapy is based on your insurance provider. 

Health insurance coverage for physical therapy may require a doctor's referral. Students may refer themselves, however these services may not be reimbursed.

Other services

There are also charges for acupuncture, chiropractic and massage therapy (a 24-hour cancellation is required to avoid full charge). A medical referral is not required.

Please call 541-737-7556 for current rates.