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Survivor Advocacy and Resource Center (SARC) Information and Resources

This brief presentation will provide participants with information about campus and community resources available to survivors of sexual or intimate partner violence. It will describe the confidential advocacy services provided by the Survivor Advocacy and Resource Center (SARC) and allow participants to engage with a SARC representative.

Audience: Classroom settings, faculty/staff and student organizations
Length: 10 minutes

Providing a trauma-informed response to disclosures of sexual and/or intimate partner violence

This workshop provides guidance and suggested language for navigating difficult and sensitive discussions with students who have entrusted you with a disclosure of violence. It will include helpful responses, language regarding your limits of confidentiality, and options for resources for your students. Additionally, this workshop will provide education on the impact of trauma so that you can provide an informed and helpful response to disclosures of violence.

Audience: Departments and colleges
Length: 50 minutes

Beavs Believe - a part of the Beavers Give a Dam™ series

The goal of this training is to create empathy and support for survivors, decrease victim blame on campus and learn to cultivate a safe and caring community at Oregon State.

By the end of the workshop, students will be able to:

  • Identify and describe what sexual violence is
  • Evaluate the ways in which rape myths and victim-blaming contribute to sexual violence
  • Employ useful skills to support a survivor

Audience: Students and student organizations
Length: 90 minutes

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