Whether you were diagnosed long ago, or whether you are seeking a diagnostic evaluation now, Student Health Services (SHS) must receive and review documentation of your ADHD/ADD diagnostic evaluation, as well as your treatment records if previously treated. Our ADHD Assessment Team meets periodically to review complete records, in the order in which they are received, to determine if we can safely prescribe your medicines.

Diagnostic Evaluations Should Include These Elements

  1. Clinical records from medical and mental health providers, parental interviews, school report cards or assessments. Clinical records might contain:
    • History from you that includes screening tools for inattention (e.g. Brown, Connors), depression and anxiety (e.g. Beck Inventories).
    • History from parents, ideally with primary school reports/report cards, or from some other corroborating source.
  2. Testing from a clinical psychologist, which might include:
    • IQ testing (e.g. WAIS-IV, WASI II)
    • Achievement tests (i.e. Kaufman, Woodcock Johnson III)
    • Performance measures (i.e. CPT, TOVA)


  • While the evaluations containing the above referenced elements will allow the ADHD Assessment Team to make a complete determination, submitting these records does not guarantee that SHS will prescribe medication. Such determinations will be made on a case-by-case basis.
  • If you are looking into a diagnostic evaluation by a clinical psychologist of your choosing, you should show them a list of the elements above to ensure you receive the testing we will need to benefit you in the academic setting.