• Curious to test your knowledge about cannabis?
  • Want to learn more about cannabis use?
  • Want feedback on your use of cannabis compared to other Oregon State students?


Electronic THC Online Knowledge Experience (e-TOKE)

What is e-TOKE?

The e-TOKE (electronic THC Online Knowledge Experience) is an interactive web survey that is a brief marijuana-specific assessment and feedback tool for Oregon State University students.

It provides insight into marijuana use, using personalized information about your behaviors and risk factors.

The assessment takes about 10-15 minutes and is self-guided making it quick, anonymous, and flexible to fit your free time and location.

What does e-TOKE do?

The e-TOKE first asks for basic demographic information followed by typical pattern of use, time and money patterns, health related questions, and brief sections on alcohol and cigarette use.

Once all information is entered e-TOKE will provide statistics and visuals for each set of questions. This includes short written summaries as well as graphs and statistical comparisons.

All results are presented in a printable, easy-to-read format using tabs at the top of the page to move from section to section.

Finally, there is an additional resource tab for students who may have further questions or concerns, including contacts for campus resources.

What do I need to use the e-TOKE?
  • A computer
  • Internet access
  • A JavaScript enabled Internet browser
  • About 8-10 minutes
  • A printer (to print the feedback)

If you find after taking the e-TOKE that you would like to discuss your results with a staff member at Student Health Services, please call 541-737-7552 to request an appointment.

Your participation in the e-TOKE is voluntary. You may withdraw from participating at any time. Your answers on the e-TOKE are strictly confidential. Your name is not attached to the form and no individual information is kept or provided to Oregon State University.

Access the e-TOKE