• Curious to test your knowledge about alcohol?
  • Want to learn more about alcohol use?
  • Want feedback on your use of alcohol compared to other Oregon State students?


Electronic Checkup to Go (e-CHUG)

What is e-CHUG?

The e-CHUG is an online survey for Oregon State University students. The e-CHUG is a brief, anonymous assessment tool that takes about 10 minutes to complete that will help you gain insight into your relationship with alcohol.

What does e-CHUG do?

When you begin the e-CHUG, you are asked to enter some demographic information and information on your personal alcohol use. Once completed, you submit the form.

The information you entered is processed and your responses are compared to national and OSU norms. You are encouraged to print this for your review.

The e-CHUG individualized feedback provides students with useful information on such items as:

  • Quantity and frequency of drinking, caloric intake
  • Peak Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC)
  • Norm comparisons
  • Income spent on alcohol
  • Tolerance levels
  • Consequences of alcohol use
  • Genetic risk score
  • Explanations and advice
  • Referral information
What do I need to access e-CHUG?
  • A computer
  • Internet access
  • A JavaScript enabled Internet browser
  • About 8-10 minutes
  • A printer (to print the feedback)

If you find after taking the e-CHUG that you would like to discuss your results with an IMPACT staff member at Student Health Services, please call 541-737-7552 to request an appointment.

Your participation in the e-CHUG is voluntary. You may withdraw from participating at any time. Your answers on the e-CHUG are strictly confidential. Your name is not attached to the form and no individual information is kept or provided to Oregon State University.

Access the e-CHUG