The OSU pharmacy has been closed (as of June 15, 2o2o)

Where can I get my prescriptions filled?

Impacts on Programs

The CCare program will continue to be available to OSU students.  The CCare Program is administered by Student Health Services CCare Office. The OSU CCare program is the largest in the state of Oregon. Student Health Services is committed to maintaining all CCare services for OSU students without disruption. For more information on the CCare program please visit:

There are no changes to the immunization compliance program.  Immunization compliance is administered by the Student Health Services Immunization Office. The immunization program is not impacted by the pharmacy closure. 

Student Health Services offers all immunizations through the SHS clinic. Students can also contact local pharmacies and medical practices to receive needed immunizations. SHS recommends that students contact their insurance carrier to identify the best provider to maximize their insurance benefits. Most immunizations are covered at 100% at an in-network provider/pharmacy due to Affordable Care Act preventative care guidelines. For information on Student Health Service’s Immunization Program please visit:

The SHS Travel Clinic provides travel consultations to OSU students and groups. As members of the International Society of Travel Medicine, SHS can provide International Certificates of Vaccination and other documentation required for your travel. For more information about the SHS Travel Clinic, please visit:

How will I get my prescriptions filled?

The pharmacy is no longer able to transfer prescriptions. If you have refills from the SHS pharmacy please contact your provider to request a new prescription be sent to another pharmacy. 

Student may continue to fill prescriptions at the OSU Pharmacy through the end of spring term. Student Health Services providers are happy to send prescriptions to any pharmacy the student chooses. The Corvallis area offers several pharmacies, including pharmacies in close proximity to the OSU campus.

The OSU sponsored Pacific Source insurance plans offer robust and comprehensive pharmacy coverage that can be accessed at most retail pharmacies. Mail order prescriptions are also available. Members should refer to the Pacific Source website for more information about pharmacy benefits. Students insured on the graduate health insurance plan will experience the same co-pays and deductibles when utilizing an in-network retail pharmacy that they had at the OSU pharmacy.

The vast majority of students covered by the Student Health Insurance Plan will experience no difference in their cost share when utilizing an outside pharmacy. In some cases, the cost of a prescription may be less at an outside pharmacy. Pacific Source uses the CVS- Caremark PBM (pharmacy benefit manager). Students covered by Pacific Source may fill prescriptions at any retail pharmacy that accepts CVS-Caremark coverage. More information can also be found by visiting:

Previously Provided by the Pharmacy

Student Health Services will provide LBTI treatment. SHS will provide this service beginning in summer term with no disruption to care.

Student Health Services will provide medication counseling and follow up to patients prescribed PrEP. SHS will provide this service beginning in summer term with no disruption to care.