Reasonable health care costs.

We highly recommend that all students have insurance coverage due to the potential for financial hardship in an unexpected health situation.

For a brief overview of our insurance options and service charges, see below.

Insurance overview

We offer a comprehensive, platinum-level health insurance plan specifically for students through Aetna insurance. Benefits include coverage for most SHS charges, a low deductible, and nationwide coverage.

We are in-network with the Aetna plan and will file claims to most other insurance plans as a courtesy. Please contact your plan directly to inquire about benefits and coverage at SHS. For more information, see our section on insurance.

The health fee

The OSU health fee provides students access to convenient and high quality care at SHS and CAPS. The health fee is not a health insurance, however, it covers most office visits at SHS including routine visits with primary care practitioners, individual counseling and more.

Potential additional charges

There are charges for ancillary services such as lab, X-ray, physical therapy and prescription medications. These services are offered at low and accessible rates.

Services not covered by the health fee are billed to your student account. For more information, see our section on fees.