Up2u empowers students to make healthier choices by providing them with effective tools and information.

The up2u program is an education-based campus prevention effort that focuses on the reduction of high-risk alcohol use and other drugs.

Our presenters engage with students in a fun, interactive, positive and intellectually stimulating manner. Up2u is a voluntary program, and presentations are available upon request by faculty, staff, coaches, student organizations, and the Greek community. Students can also meet with up2u staff to ask questions or receive information.

Students can also use e-CHUG (alcohol) and e-TOKE (marijuana) to receive anonymous information about their own use. These free online tools provide students with information in a meaningful way by comparing their use to campus data, calculating cost spent and calories consumed, and providing specific risk factors.

If you are here because you are required to take an alcohol class, please go to the IMPACT page.

e-Checkup2go (alcohol)

Take the eCHUG alcohol assessment

e-Checkup2go (marijuana)

Take the eTOKE marijuana assessment