Gather this information before calling:

  • Your Social Security number
  • From your insurance card:
    • Policy number or member ID
    • Member/Customer service phone number
  • Description of procedure or service: Meningococcal B vaccine
  • Medical billing codes for procedure or service: Bexsero (90620) or Trumenba (90621)

To contact your health insurance carrier regarding your benefit, locate the Customer Service phone number for members on the back of your insurance card.

Prior to speaking with Customer Service, you will enter basic information about yourself and your plan into an automated system. When prompted, select medical benefits as the reason for your call.

Download and print our PDF to have on hand when you call!

Guide to Calling Insurance (PDF)

Once you're connected with Customer Service, ask the following questions to get the information you need:

Be sure to write down the answers

Remember: the service/procedure is the Meningococcal B vaccine

  1. The name of the representative or customer service agent.
  2. Is the service/procedure a covered benefit?
  3. Is the service/procedure a covered benefit under the medical or pharmaceutical benefit?
  4. Is the service/procedure considered preventative?
  5. Does a co-pay apply? If yes, how much?
  6. Does a deductible apply? If yes, how much? How much of the deductible has been met to date?
  7. Is this a covered service/procedure at other Corvallis area medical provider or retail pharmacy locations? If yes, where?
  8. The reference number for your call.
  9. Date and time of your call.
  10. Any additional notes.