I believe I have a medical condition that should exempt me from the MenB vaccine. What should I do?

Pursuant to state law, OSU provides exemptions from this immunization requirement. 

To be considered for medical exemptions from OSU’s MenB vaccination requirement, students must submit documentation from a medical provider establishing the basis for a requested exemption.

Students can obtain documentation from their medical provider or from a clinician at Student Health Services.

Call 541-737-9355 to make an appointment for a MenB medical exemption consult. For more information, see the MenB Medical Exemption Form (PDF).

I believe I am eligible for a non-medical exemption. What should I do?

Pursuant to state law, OSU provides exemptions from this immunization requirement.

Non-medical exemptions may be granted to those students with beliefs, practices or ethical values which prohibit immunizations. To be approved, non-medical exemptions will require an in-person consultation and signature from a medical provider, who will review the risks of avoiding vaccine with students.

You may have your primary care provider complete the non-medical exemption form (PDF) with you. You will be required to acknowledge that you have read and reviewed the information provided by the Oregon Health Authority regarding MenB (PDF). It is helpful to review this information prior to meeting with your primary care provider.

Non-medical MenB Exemption Form (PDF)

Medical MenB Exemption Form (PDF)

Submitting your exemption form 

Where to submit your MenB Vaccination Medical or Non-medical Exemption Form:

  • Place your documentation in the MenB drop boxes located in the Student Health Services’ Plageman Building (108 S.W. Memorial Place) on the 1st floor, near the Immunization Office, or on the 2nd floor in the main lobby.
  • Mail to: OSU Immunization Office, 201 Plageman Building, Oregon State University, Corvallis OR 97331