Mandatory insurance for international and INTO OSU students.

The OSU Student Health Insurance Plan ensures that you receive affordable coverage and access to a wide network of healthcare providers across the nation.

This plan is provided by PacificSource and comes with a variety of online tools to manage your coverage easily.

For your convenience, we provide the option to waive coverage if you have comparable coverage through a different company.

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All international and INTO OSU students who are registered for a minimum of one (1) on-campus credit are required to enroll in the OSU Student Health Insurance plan.

If you are an eligible international or INTO OSU student, you will be automatically enrolled and charged for this plan.



If you have any dependents in your household who are eligible for coverage under the plan, they have the option to enroll.  To add a dependent, they must fill out an enrollment form and submit it to the Student Health Insurance Plan office by email. The enrollment form can be found here.


Health Insurance Gap Coverage

If you are an international student moving from the Student Health Insurance Plan to the Graduate Plan or an international student moving from the Graduate Plan to the Student Health Insurance Plan you may experience a gap in health insurance coverage. For information about purchasing health insurance to cover this gap, please contact the Student Health Insurance Plan Office. Please note that eligibility requirements must be met.


You may waive the requirement to be covered under the OSU Student Insurance Plan if you have comparable insurance under a different company.

In order to waive the requirement, you must complete the waiver process established by the school. 

If you do not complete the waiver process, or your insurance does not meet the waiver requirements, you will be automatically enrolled into the OSU Student Insurance Plan and a premium will be charged to your student account.

Refer to the dates below to ensure you complete the waiver process in time.

Waiver dates:
  • Fall Term: 9/08/24 (open) - 10/18/24 (close)
  • Winter Term: 12/20/24 (open) - 1/27/25 (close)
  • Spring: 3/19/25 (open) - 4/11/25 (close)
  • Summer Term: 6/11/25 (open) - 7/02/25 (close)

Leave of Absence Coverage

Students with College/University approved Medical Leave of Absence can have one term extension of benefits per academic year. All applicable enrollment deadline dates apply.

  • To qualify for the Leave of Absence coverage you must be mandated to have health insurance per OSU and federal visa requirements.  
  • Have an approved Medical Leave of Absence with Oregon State University.
  • You must have been enrolled in the health insurance at least one term prior to your approved Leave of Absence. 
  • Deadlines to apply for Leave of Absence coverage for the 2024-25 academic year
    • Fall - 10/18/24
    • Winter - 1/27/25
    • Spring - 4/11/25
    • Summer - 7/02/25