Come to Sackett Hall between 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. on Nov. 13 for a special flu shot clinic for students. (Be sure to bring your student ID and insurance card.) A flu shot now will allow you to develop immunity before going home for Thanksgiving, since immunity takes about two weeks. Protect yourself, your friends, and your loved ones! Babies and the elderly are most susceptible to complications from flu. Don't be the one who passes it on.

Common Questions You May have:

  • What are the symptoms of the Flu?
  • How does flu spread?
  • How long could you be contagious?
  • What are flu complications?

Read The Answers Here!


Your discounted student rate is $20 for the flu vaccine at Student Health Services. The charge will be applied to your student account.


If you get your flu vaccine at the SHS clinic or the OSU Pharmacy in the Plageman Building, there’s no additional cost to you. Woo hoo!


Be sure to get your flu vaccine here at SHS and there is no additional cost to you. Woo hoo!


For flu vaccines received at SHS

We will file a claim to most insurance companies, but we cannot guarantee insurance coverage. SHS is out of network with most insurance companies. If your insurance doesn’t pay for the vaccine at SHS, we will charge you a discounted rate of $20. The charge will be applied to your student account.

For flu vaccines received at the OSU Pharmacy

Many insurance carriers are accepted in the pharmacy. The pharmacy staff can tell you about your coverage before you get the vaccine. Just ask! But take note: The OSU pharmacy is unable to process claims for flu vaccines to Kaiser, Cigna
or United Healthcare.

And hey!

Vaccines must be covered at 100% if you get them from a provider that is in your insurance company’s network. A little research on your part might save you money. Call the customer service number on the back of your insurance card to find a provider that is in their network.