Perfect Partnerships

Pairing certain foods can increase their nutritional benefits.

Four Easy Ways to Eat Healthy on Campus

OSU offers plenty of healthy food options and nutrition resources.

Concussions Most Often Caused by a Bump, Blow, or Jolt to the Head

While described as a “mild” brain injury, the effects of concussion can be serious.

OSU Students in Recovery May Have New Residential Program by Fall Term

Proposed program has support of the Division of Student Affairs and University Housing and Dining.

Reduce Your Risk of Skin Damage and Skin Cancer

Wearing sunscreen, protective clothing and accessories can aid in protection.

Resolutions Revisited: How to Make Yours Last All Year

Start making slight changes that you can maintain through the rest of the year.

The International Politics of Smoking

In preparation for OSU's upcoming no-smoking policy, Student Health increases outreach to international students.