A few US states and most international destinations now have entry requirements consisting of either a negative COVID test within 72 hours of travel or proof of resolved COVID infection in the 90 days prior to travel. In addition, the CDC now has the same requirements when entering the US from a foreign country. What follows is information to help you navigate these requirements. Keep in mind that while Student Health Services (SHS) can help with this process in an advisory role, it is ultimately up to you to determine what tests and/or documentation are necessary to meet requirements for a given destination.


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Pre-Travel PCR Testing 

  1. Always check the State’s Covid web page or the destination Country’s Embassy or Consulate website for specific guidelines. Most require that name, date of birth, and date and type of test (antigen vs polymerase chain reaction, i.e PCR) be on the lab test results. Those who were tested through Trace should call Willamette Valley Toxicology Labs (541-368-3050) and request an official copy of their results which will contain all the necessary information. Most destinations only accept PCR tests.
  2. Options below do not apply to entry requirements for Hawaii since they will only accept lab results from specific providers, the closest being in Salem. View Hawaii travel information here.
  3. Remember to ask the lab service you will be using whether the reports will have the needed information and about any potential out of pocket costs.

Lab Options for Pre-Travel Testing 

  1. Willamette Valley Toxicology Labs - Located near the Safeway in downtown Corvallis in what used to be Baskin Robbins. An appointment is required. The average turnaround time for results is 24-36 hours. Check their website for appointment availability. They provide testing Sunday through Wednesday. See the Student Health Services section below if you are flying Saturday through Monday. Although not apparent on their web page, which only indicates drive up testing, they will do walk up testing if you call and schedule instead of using the online scheduling. 
  2. Student Health Services – We do not have the capacity to routinely do rapid PCR testing for pre-travel purposes. We can however send a sample to Quest which is our reference lab. We typically get results back from Quest within 24-48 hours, but we cannot guarantee we will have results back within the 72 hour periods that most countries require. If you are flying Saturday through Monday you can request an in-house rapid PCR test done at our lab on Thursday or Friday only. Call 541-737-9355 for an appointment. $60 will be billed to your student account. We do not bill insurance for travel related testing.
  3. Carbon Health now offers pre-travel PCR testing at PDX. Results are available by 2PM the following day. Appointments are required. 
  4. American Family Care Urgent Care (Five clinics in the Portland Area) also offers PCR testing with next day results or for a higher cost results in 15-60 minutes. Appointments are Required. 
  5. Molecular Vision Labs - In Hillsboro, does same day or next day PCR testing for travel. You need an order from a provider to avoid an extra fee. SHS can provide the order. They do not bill insurance. Fee is higher for same day vs next day results.  
  6. Salem Hospital Convenient Care Clinic in Salem and Woodburn Urgent Care just off I-5 in Woodburn offer same day rapid PCR testing by appointment (503-814-5554). Cost is $139.  

Testing for Return to US from a Foreign Country

  1. The CDC now requires a negative COVID Viral test within 72 hours of returning to the US. They will accept either Antigen or PCR test. Always check the requirements for the US state you will be returning to since they may have more stringent test requirements, i.e., may only accept PCR testing. 
  2. Check the Embassy web page for the country you will be returning from before you leave the US. That way you will be able to determine where testing is available prior to your return.
  3. Be prepared to pay for testing in other countries since the lab will not be likely to bill your insurance.
  4. It is also recommended that you get re-tested for COVID 3-5 days after returning and even if test is negative that you quarantine for 7 days. 

 If you have had a positive COVID test in the 90 days prior to travel.

  1. While contagiousness resolves by 10 days after onset of an infection COVID PCR tests can remain positive for up to 90 days. It appears that immunity to re-infection lasts for at least 90 days as well. As a result, proof of an infection in the 90 days prior to travel is accepted by most entities in lieu of a negative COVID test.
  2. As with guidelines for pre-travel testing travelers need to check the State’s COVID web page or the Country’s Embassy or Consulate website to determine what documentation is necessary to avoid the need for a pre-travel COVID test. 
  3. Typical requirements might be a copy of the positive test result with type of test (Antigen vs PCR), date of test, traveler’s name and date of birth. Some may require the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) number of the lab. If not on the result this can be found for US labs by searching the lab name at this link.
  4. Some entities might also require a statement from a clinician confirming the recent COVID infection. If you were tested and treated by a clinician outside of SHS it is best to get the statement from the treating provider. If this is not possible or you were tested at an ER, Urgent Care or at a self-ordered testing site you can make a telehealth appointment with an SHS provider to discuss the possibility of providing the statement by calling 541-737-9355. You will need to provide us a copy of your test results. If you were diagnosed at SHS please call or send a request through a message from the Patient Portal requesting a statement. In most cases one of our providers will be able to provide this without an appointment.