Join us!

Interested in becoming a CRC member and/or resident of Dixon Lodge? Please:


Are you new to or contemplating recovery? If you’d like to participate in the CRC you must be:

  • Currently enrolled at OSU
  • Demonstrate a strong desire to stay sober
  • Maintain sobriety at all CRC programs

Newcomers have access to the Clubhouse during open events and meetings. To learn more, come to our free public coffee hours. Please see the sidebar for dates and times, or email us for a list of upcoming events or to speak with someone about getting involved.

Provisional member

Early in your recovery and already familiar with the CRC?

Provisional members must:

Benefits include:

  • Clubhouse access Mon.-Fri., 8 am to 5 pm and whenever full members are present
  • 24/7 Clubhouse access after 90 days of sobriety
  • CRC programming and meetings
  • Governance/leadership opportunities
  • Resources training

* Interested students please email us.


Currently in recovery and sober more than 3 months? Our members must:

Benefits include:

  • 24/7 access to the Clubhouse
  • Access to all CRC programming
  • Governance/leadership opportunities
  • Resources training
  • Opportunity to become a mentor
  • Opportunity to train newcomers and other members


Residents are CRC members that wish to reside on campus in a confidential, recovery-supported residence hall designated for CRC members and programming.

Residents must meet the same criteria as members, including completion of the membership admissions requirements in order to be considered for CRC housing.