Your health is the foundation of your ultimate success as a student at Oregon State University.

As someone with asthma, your overall health depends on good control of your asthma symptoms.

The goal of the SHS Allergy and Asthma team is to provide primary education to allergy and asthma patients to optimize control of symptoms. As you learn to control your asthma symptoms, you also improve your quality of life.

Management of asthma in adults and children (PDF)

This document, though somewhat technical, should be understandable to the educated asthma patient. It outlines treatment and education recommendations for asthma symptom management at four stages of severity/intensity. Ask your provider if you have questions about these asthma guidelines.

Asthma action plan (PDF)

This Asthma Action Plan, provided by the American Lung Association, lists symptoms and treatments according to asthma severity. If you have asthma, ask your health care provider to complete an Asthma Action Plan for you.

Asthma symptom control

This brief quiz will assist you in knowing whether your asthma symptoms are being adequately controlled. If the quiz informs you that your symptoms are not adequately controlled on your current asthma treatment plan, please see your health care provider.