With or without a specific diagnosis of ADHD/ADD, Counseling and Psychological ServicesDisability Access Services, and the Academic Success Center offer services to help students succeed in their academic and social goals. In addition, Student Health can offer medical treatment options to students who provide the necessary documentation that strongly supports a diagnosis of ADHD/ADD and meets Student Health’s criteria for prescribing medications. Our clinicians can also medically treat a number of other conditions that may be interfering with a student’s academic and social function.

Counseling and Psychological Services
  • Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) provides individual services that can help you develop effective habits to compensate for poor focus, distractibility, disorganization, and/or difficulty completing tasks, whether caused by ADHD/ADD or by other conditions. They can also help with issues of poor self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, anxiety and/or depression that can accompany ADHD/ADD.
  • CAPS also offers an ADHD support group that teaches specific skills for coping with ADHD, both in and out of the classroom. The group provides an environment for students to learn from each other and receive social support for the struggles that come with having ADHD.
  • For more information about CAPS services, call 541-737-2131 or visit their website at oregonstate.edu/counsel.
Disability Access Services
  • Disability Access Services (DAS) facilitates access to university programs and services for students with disabilities through accommodations, education, consultation, and advocacy. Specifically, DAS provides accommodations to students with diagnosed disabilities, including ADHD.
  • Accommodations vary, based on the individual needs of the student making the accommodation request. Information regarding documentation requirements to receive accommodations and how to get started with DAS can be found at ds.oregonstate.edu or call 541-737-4098.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Documentation that allows for academic accommodations through DAS does not necessarily meet the criteria for medication treatment at SHS. Refer to Documentation Necessary to Receive Medication for those requirements.
Academic Success Center
  • The Academic Success Center (ASC) offers Academic Coaching. Students can get support in time management, test preparation, test taking and more.
  • Check out the Learning Corner on the ASC website. In particular, students may want to check out the sections on concentration and active learning.
Student Health Services
  • Student Health Services (SHS) can manage students’ medications for ADHD if they provide documentation that meets our criteria for prescribing. If you would like SHS to manage your medications, carefully read Documentation Necessary to Receive Medication.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Because this process takes some time, you should make arrangements to continue ADHD-related care with your current provider for at least three months. Of course, SHS will see you for any other health issues or concerns during this time.