The following are local resources that perform testing for ADHD/ADD and learning disabilities:

Kim Golletz, PhD

Peak Psychological Services
1300 NW Harrison Blvd, Suite 100    
Corvallis, OR 97330
(541) 758-1556

Corvallis Clinic Behavioral Health

444 NE Elks Drive
Corvallis, OR 97330
(541) 754-1288

Samaritan Neuropsychology Clinic - Albany

400 NW Hickory, Suite 300-A
Albany, OR  97321
(541) 812-5760

Julien Guillaumot, PhD, MSCP, ABPP
Corvallis Neuropsychology, LLC  
1300 NW Harrison Blvd. STE B-20
Corvallis, OR  97333
Corvallis Neuropsychology Website
Phone: (541) 257-5533
OSU Disability Access Services

A200 Kerr Administration Building
1500 SW Jefferson Ave. 
(541) 737-4098
You may be eligible for financial assistance through Disability Access Services (DAS) to pay for such an evaluation if you receive federal financial aid.
DAS staff refer eligible students to offices in the area.