In order to be prescribed medication for ADHD/ADD, Student Health Services (SHS) must receive and review documentation of prior ADHD/ADD diagnosis and treatment. Our ADHD Assessment Team meets periodically to review complete records, in the order they are received, to determine if we can safely prescribe your medicines.

How to Get Your Records to SHS

SHS will likely need two sets of records:

  1. A copy of the testing and evaluation that was done to diagnose ADHD/ADD
  2. A copy record of the treatment that you received (e.g. medications, counseling, etc.)

In order to receive all records relevant to your previous ADHD/ADD evaluation and treatment, you will need to sign one Release of Information (ROI) form for each of the different providers involved in your care. Please visit or call the reception desk at Student Health (541-737-9355) to discuss what forms you will need to sign.

Please understand that, by law, your prescribing clinician may not re-release the records sent to him or her by the providers who may have originally tested and diagnosed you. In such an instance, you would need to sign two release forms; more may be necessary.

If Records Do Not Meet SHS Criteria

If the ADHD Assessment Team determines that your records do not meet our criteria to prescribe your medications, we will schedule an appointment to let you know what information is lacking, and we will discuss methods for getting the necessary details. At this point, you will have several options:

  • You may continue with your current provider to maintain your prescriptions.
  • You may establish with a local community provider, who will decide if they are able to prescribe for you based on the information that you provide them.
  • You may request a list of providers who can complete a diagnostic evaluation that we know will contain the elements that meet our criteria to prescribe for you.

If Records Do Meet SHS Criteria

If the ADHD Assessment Team determines that your records do meet our criteria to prescribe medications, we will contact you to make an appointment with a clinician to discuss prescriptions.