The best way to determine if you have ADHD/ADD is to have a thorough diagnostic evaluation involving testing, clinical interviews, and a review of corroborating evidence (such as school records). While there are many options for treatment of ADHD/ADD on campus, there are no resources on campus to actually diagnose ADHD/ADD.

If you suffer from poor focus and/or distractibility, you can schedule an appointment with a clinician at Student Health Services (SHS) or at Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) to help you better understand the root cause of your problem. Whatever the cause of these symptoms, CAPS and SHS will assist you with treatment options and with getting a diagnostic evaluation if ADHD/ADD is suspected.

If your clinician feels that ADHD/ADD might be an issue, staff will provide you with information about off-campus agencies and providers who can do a thorough diagnostic evaluation. You may be eligible for financial assistance through Disability Access Services (DAS) to pay for such an evaluation if you receive federal financial aid.

  • If you choose an agency or provider to do your diagnostic evaluation with the intention that their assessment would enable SHS to prescribe your medications, please keep in mind that SHS will need your provider to give us information as outlined in Required Elements for Diagnostic Evaluations.
  • Receiving accommodations as a student with a disability (ADHD) is different than receiving medical care through SHS. Please be aware that documentation or a diagnostic assessment with the goal of receiving accommodations for a disability may be different than documentation requirements for SHS. Refer to Disability Access Services (DAS) for more information about how DAS may be able to help.