Boldly Me Health Week 2018

Week 7, February 19th - 24th

Boldly Me is a week full of events centered on healthy sexuality and promoting inclusivity for diverse gender identities and sexual orientations.

Events are specifically designed to promote healthy relationships, increase understanding of consent, and celebrate every individuals’ uniqueness in life, love and identity.

Events are brought to you by the Student Health Services Wellness Agents, Orange Media Network and DAMchic Magazine, the Pride Center and CAPS.

Calendar of events

Monday 2/19

11am - 4pm Sexual Health Fair (SEC Plaza)

Student Health Services is facilitating free HIV testing amongst other health professionals who will be present to provide information on healthy sexuality to OSU students and the community. This health fair serves as a chance to engage the student body in learning more about the importance of healthy sexuality and minimizing the stigma surrounding testing for STD/STIs on college campuses.

Tuesday 2/20

9am - 10am Coffee & Consent (MU 206)

How do you take your coffee? Join the Student Health Services Prevention & Wellness Violence Prevention Team to have an open conversation about what consent is, how we ask for it, and what it means to you. Coffee and treats provided!

10am - 12pm Body Love Yoga (MU Ballroom)

Body Love Yoga is a body acceptance based practice incorporating Yoga Asana, Meditation, Mindfulness, and Grounding. All levels, body sizes, and people are encouraged and welcome to join this practice. This practice understands and supports that each person will look different in each individual pose, as no body is the same as any other body. This practice encourages props for support, questions, and feeling into poses to find what works best for each body. This is a safe space to connect deeply.

12pm - 1pm Professional Panel (MU 206)

Have a question for a campus professional relating to gender, sexual orientation, relationships or sexual health? Come check out this panel to hear responses from OSU's distinguished professionals including a family nurse practitioner, couples counselor, substance abuse counselor, dietitian and wellness coach.

Wednesday 2/21

12pm - 1pm Student Panel (MU 206)

Faculty and staff across campus will be able to ask OSU students questions related to sexual health and wellbeing.

Bold students have volunteered to share their understanding of identity and sexual health culture at Oregon State.

12pm - 2pm Pride Center Sexual Health for Folx with Disabilities (Location: TBD)

Learn about the intersections of sexual health and (dis)ability.

Join the Pride Center and Student Health Services for a panel and discussion featuring folx with disabilities from on and off campus around the topic of sexual health within the community.

4pm - 6pm Video Screening and Student Panel Location: APCC

Come to the debut of a video series made by students, for students, on these topics: Sexual Health, Contraceptive & barrier Methods, Partner Communication, and Menstruation.Stay after for Q&A with a clinician and sexual health educator from Student Health Services.

Stay after for Q&A with a clinician and sexual health educator from Student Health Services.

Thursday 2/22

6pm - 8pm Boldly Me Fashion Show (MU Ballroom)

Doors open at 6 p.m.

OSU student leaders from Student Health, Wellness Agents Peer Leaders, CAPS, the Pride Center, Orange Media Network, DAM Chic and others have organized The Boldly Me Fashion Show to culminate the week in a creative outburst of student expression.

Student speakers will be keynoting the event throughout an evening of artistic and personal representation of student expression- this is one of our biggest nights so make sure you’re there!

Saturday 2/24

9pm - 1am Bold, Bright, and Blacklight Party (Memorial Union 013)

Please join us for the Boldly Me Health Week’s first annual Bold, Bright and Blacklight Party! Culminating a successful week’s of events will be a chance to celebrate YOU, the student body, in a blacklight themed party complete with DJs, dancing, food, refreshments and plenty of fun. Bold, Bright and Blacklight will be held in the MU and the festivities will continue into the wee hours of the morning. Any and all students, faculty and OSU community member is welcome. You will not want to miss out on this!

About the Boldly Me Health Week Team

Members of the Executive Committee Team have donated countless hours to unifying our campus and its partners under the premise of creating a safer, more inclusive space to celebrate and talk about what healthy sexuality means for all.

Aubrie Loden

Public Health: Health Promotion & Behavior, Health Management & Policy. Minor In Communication.

Senior Wellness Program Agent Leader

Boldly Me Executive Committee Coordinator

My interest with Boldly Me began as an idea of expanding sexual health here at OSU to be more inclusive of identities, communication, and a shift of a campus culture for a few days to that of something special. Without the help of dedicated student leaders below, it would not have been possible.

Sydney Eshbaugh (she/her/hers)

Public Health: Health Promotion & Behavior

Peer Wellness Intern

I wanted to help facilitate a healthy community for OSU students while giving me more experience in promoting public health on college campuses.

Katie Burgher (she/her/hers)

Public Health: Health Promotion & Behavior and Education

Volunteer Coordinator

I wanted to work to promote sexual health across campus to give me a unique experience before my future career as a high school health teacher.

Waranya Arthonprachachit (she/her/hers)

Public Health: Health Promotion & Health Behavior

Volunteer Coordinator

I want to promote healthy lifestyle to our OSU community, this amazing experience prepare me toward my dream future career in the health promotion and disease prevention .

Tori VandeLinde (she/her/hers)

Masters of Public Health: Health Promotion & Health Behavior

Wellness Graduate Assistant at Student Health Services Prevention & Wellness

Workshop Coordinator

I want to be part of a campus environment where students are safe and empowered to  express their sexuality and advocate for their health.

Nina Poloni (she/her/hers)

Public Health: Health Promotion & Health Behavior

On-Campus Coordinator

I wanted to be a part of a community-based initiative to promote healthy sexuality across campus and work with other student leaders and organizations to make this event possible.

Jasmin Huila (she/her/hers)

Public Health: Health Promotion and Health Behavior  

I joined Boldly Me Executive Committee because I attended a couple of events last year and thought it was an amazing initiative that empowered and advocated for students health, which led me to become a member this year so I would be able to see behind-the-scenes of the program.

Janet Zornek (she/her/hers)

Public Health: Health Promotion & Health Behavior

On Campus Coordinator

I would like to pursue a career that encompasses infectious disease in relationship to underserved populations. It is my hope to work to educate about HIV and STI prevention. Boldly Me, is a wonderful program that is closely linked to this career goal and this field of interest.

Lauren Bensch (she/her/hers)

Psychology, Minor in Health Management and Policy.

Exec committee member

I was not sure what Boldly Me was, but after my first meeting I knew I would be working with a group of ambitious student leaders who are excited about making a difference.  I returned for a second year to help the organization because of the impact Boldly Me was able to make on campus.