We bill all Student Health Services (SHS) charges to PacificSource.

When SHS receives payment for covered charges and there is a student responsibility of 20 percent due, this amount due will be posted to your Student Account in Banner.

Students are responsible for charges on their student account. You will receive an explanation of benefits (EOB) from the insurance company regarding the processing of your medical claims within Student Health Services. 


The billing office will automatically bill your charges for services received in the student health center to PacificSource, who will process them and send an EOB (Explanation of Benefits) to you explaining what was paid or wasn’t paid, and why.

If there is patient responsibility, this amount will be put to your student account in Banner. It is your responsibility to pay charges on your student account.

This is the same as the billing process for PacificSource plans, as long as the insurance is provided at time of service.


We will courtesy bill your insurance; however, all charges for services received at SHS will be put to your student account in Banner.

If we receive payment for these services, we will apply this payment to your student account.

It is the student’s responsibility to know their insurance benefits for services rendered at Student Health Services.

We are unable to quote coverage for any privately insured student; please contact your insurance directly. Student Health is currently not contracted with any non-OSU sponsored health plans and is not on your insurance’s Preferred Provider list for your plan.

Most of the charges incurred at Student Health Services will be processed toward your out-of-network benefits or not at all. Please contact your insurance to know what your benefits are at the out-of-network level.

Typically, for most insurance companies the website and member’s customer service numbers are located on the back of the insurance card.

Note: If you have Kaiser Permanente insurance, your plan may offer a Student Out-Of-Area plan to cover services out of Kaiser’s service area. Not all Kaiser plans offer this benefit; call your customer service to see if you qualify.

Depending on the service your insurance company may require a pre-authorization.

If your insurance company is Group Health or Kaiser, they require a pre-authorization for any services performed outside of their facilities that are not emergent in nature.

Most insurance companies will require a pre-authorization for physical therapy, X-rays, and certain services that our clinicians may refer you out for, such as CT scans, MRIs or ultrasounds.

To know if your insurance requires a pre- authorization for your service, call the customer service number on the back of your insurance card.

When you send your charges to your insurance company and they pay Student Health rather than reimbursing you directly, we will apply the payment to your student account.

It will show on your account statement as an “Insurance Payment.


There are several ways to obtain an itemized billing statement.

You may submit the request to the Billing Office by filling out the Itemized Billing Request form located on the SHS website under the Forms section.

This request needs to include, your name, student ID #, what dates you were at Student Health that you want your billings for, where you would like us to send the billing back to, either your address or your parents, (we will not send this to your insurance company; unless a copy of the front and back of your insurance card is attached), and a signature.

Another way is to come into the Billing Office on the first floor of Student Health, Room 115, with your student ID and we can print it out for you then. Please note, most billings are not available until 2-3 weeks after your appointment and it takes 1-2 weeks to process any billing request. 

If you have questions about your charges, you can contact the Billing Office at Student Health, Room 115, or by phone at 541-737-2068.

Currently Student Health can accept payments in the form of check, cash or debit/credit.

We can only accept payment for charges related to Student Health and/or Insurance premiums; all other student-related fees needs to be paid through the cashier’s office at Kerr Administration.

The itemized statement includes diagnosis code (ICD-9) with description and procedure (CPT) codes with description clinician name, office name and address, tax ID number, and the amount of the charges, as well as the information we use to identify you at Student Health (i.e. your name, address, and ID number).

You will need to either enclose a copy of your insurance ID card, or fill out a claim form to send with the Itemized Billing Statement to ensure your insurance company can locate you in their system. It is also helpful for the insurance company to include your date of birth.

Please contact the Billing Office so that we can help you navigate the process for billing your appropriate insurance.

Please have both your auto and medical insurance on hand. We may need you to come to our office to sign a medical release.

Please contact the Billing Office so that we can help you navigate the process for billing the appropriate insurance.