Welcome to Alcohol and Other Drugs

Alcohol and Other Drugs is an interactive course that focuses on the impact alcohol has on your wellness, academic success, and personal development.

This course empowers students to make well-informed decisions about alcohol, including how to recognize and respond to an alcohol-related emergency.

This program is not a lecture or a “just say no” program, but rather a program that gives you the information you need to be safe and make informed choices with alcohol.

Why do I have to take Alcohol and Other Drugs?

Whether you choose to drink or not, the reality is that you will encounter alcohol at some point during your time at Oregon State University in some capacity. 

It’s important that students understand the effects alcohol can have on individuals as well as our community in order to foster a safe, healthy, and welcoming community. 

What happens if I do not complete each part by my specific due dates?

Failure to complete Alcohol and Other Drugs will result in a grades hold on your student account.

Please note that this type of hold does not impact your ability to register for classes.

The only way to lift this hold is to complete each part of the required courses.

Once you complete the part of the course, the hold will be lifted from your account within 24 hours of completion.

Need help?

If you have a disability that may require some accommodation in order to complete Alcohol and Other Drugs, or if you have any trouble accessing the course, please review the resources shared below.

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