Congratulations on this new beginning!

For your own health and safety and for the safety of your peers and animal patients, please read the requirements listed on this page upon admission to OSU and to the OSU College of Veterinary Medicine.

Start here: New vet students letter

Read the Information for New Vet Med Students letter (Word Doc)

College of Veterinary Medicine Health History Form

Complete, sign and submit the College of Veterinary Medicine Health History Form. This form must be completed and submitted to receive medical clearance.

Complete and sign: College of Veterinary Medicine Health History Form (Word Doc)

Submission options:

By email to:

By mail to: Oregon State University Student Health Services

College of Veterinary Medicine Medical Entrance Requirements

Attention: Occupational Medicine               
201 Plageman Building. Corvallis, OR 97331

Or by fax to: Attention: Occupational Medicine

Fax: 541-737-7236

OSU Health History and Immunization Forms

You must also complete the general OSU Health History and Immunization forms before your first term. Please visit the Patient Portal to complete this requirement.

Submission options:

By email to:  

By mail to: Oregon State University Student Health Services

Attention: Immunization Coordinator                    
201 Plageman Building

Corvallis, OR 97331

Or by fax to: Attention: Immunization Coordinator

Fax: 541-737-9665 

Required Additional Immunizations for the College of Vet Medicine

 Rabies Vaccine Series (must choose one of three options):

  • Submit dates indicating receipt of 3 shots by pre-exposure protocol (day 0, 7, 21-28).


  • Submit a copy of medical records with the date and location/provider stamped or signed by an authorized healthcare agent indicating significant antibody titer by RFFIT testing (1:5).


  • Attend all THREE rabies clinics through Student Health Services during Fall Term to receive the full vaccination series.Since the series is difficult for some students to obtain prior to coming to OSU, the entrance requirement for rabies can be completed at these special clinic dates. These dates will be coordinated with the College of Veterinary Medicine during the start of Fall Term. The opportunity to bill student insurance will be offered at the time of the vaccine clinic dates.

Additional Information

Animal Allergies:

Oftentimes, animal handlers may be unaware of an animal allergy until they are exposed to animals over time. If at any point in your studies you develop allergic symptoms or your current symptoms progress, please contact Ariel Leshchinsky at, 541-737-7566, who will then help coordinate an appointment at Student Health Services (covered by the student health fee).


The College of Veterinary Medicine is offering a 25% off discount for vet students for the rabies series only. A Student Health Services billing department representative, Tami Chaput, will coordinate billing student insurances. Please bring your insurance card with you to the rabies clinic and email for any further questions.

Student Health Services and Oregon State University sincerely appreciate your efforts in keeping you and the OSU community safe.