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CRC Clubhouse is open in Dixon Lodge

The CRC Clubhouse is located in Dixon Lodge, on SW Jefferson and 11th. Access is from the east side of the building via the glass door facing into the quad.

For students, staff/faculty, or community members who are interested in becoming a member or learning more about the CRC, the Clubhouse is open for public coffee hours at various times throughout the week. For current coffee hours, please refer to the the sidebar on this page.

Recovery Specific Housing at OSU 

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For many students leaving home for the first time, college is a place to live and learn independently. For some students, this transition involves high-risk drinking and drug use. Some students will decide that they need to abstain from alcohol or other drug use because of issues with addiction, while others will start their time at college already actively maintaining a sober life. Attitudes towards addiction and alcoholism among college students are unsupportive at best, and stigmatizing at worst. For example, a 22-year-old student was quoted as saying to one of his sober friends “You can’t say someone is an alcoholic until they leave college. Everyone drinks in college….” This quote shows the lack of understanding about addiction in general on campus. Furthermore, the college party environment is potentially dangerous for college students who have been in recovery from alcohol or drug addiction. The challenge for these students is how to maintain their sobriety and success in school, and still feel as if they are a member of the college community.

Oregon State University has taken steps toward meeting the needs of students in recovery from drug or alcohol addictions. OSU launched a collegiate recovery community in the fall of 2013. Opportunities for students to engage in fun, supportive, and sober activities has been made possible by support from the OSU Beverage Partnership funded by Pepsi. In the fall of 2014, the program expanded to include a collegiate recovery community housing option in partnership with University Housing and Dining Services.

The Collegiate Recovery Community meets the needs of students in recovery by providing a private space, support and funding for events, meetings, studying, or just hanging out with other sober friends. The community also provides funding for sober activities on and off campus. “The sober students have a tight bond, we look out for each other, we are available for our friends in recovery 24/7, no matter what,” said a student in recovery. By providing the space, funding, and resources, sober students not only support each other, but now also have the same opportunities for fun and success on a university campus as other students, in a sober environment.

What is a Collegiate Recovery Community?

The OSU Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC) provides a nurturing environment in which students recovering from addiction can obtain recovery support while working towards their collegiate goals. Students participating in this community are presented with opportunities that offer long-term academic and career growth. With opportunities to expand their social and professional networks and by participating in group activities and events, students are supported in their decision to live a life centered on recovery. This also encourages academic improvement and helps to build positive life skills. Through this holistic approach, the CRC helps to provide a normative college experience for students in recovery.