Oregon State University is committed to maintaining an educational environment and workplace free from drugs and alcohol.

The university supports programs for the prevention of abuse of alcohol and controlled substances by university students and employees, as well as assistance programs for those with problems related to controlled substance abuse. We strive to educate the campus community about responsible alcohol and other drug use.

The Collegiate Recovery Community

College is a place to live and learn independently.

For some students, this transition involves high-risk drinking and drug use. Other students decide they will abstain from alcohol or other drug use due to addiction. Still others start college life already active in their sobriety. The general lack of understanding about addiction among college students can be stigmatizing. Statements like “Everyone drinks in college” are not uncommon. The early years in college are often dangerous for students who have been in recovery from addiction. Maintaining a lifestyle in recovery may feel at odds with the “typical” college experience.

We’re here to help.

Rethinking drinking?

Have you thought about reducing the amount you drink? Small changes can make a big difference to your health, relationships, work life and more!

Meet our certified drug and alcohol counselor and learn more.

Prevention and Advocacy Coalition

The Prevention and Advocacy Coalition is charged with coordinating campus-wide strategic efforts related to alcohol/drug use prevention, violence prevention, and survivor advocacy. Utilizing evidence-informed best practices, the coalition will enact a multi-unit stakeholder approach to expand reach across the campus and into the larger Corvallis community to reach a set of common goals in prevention and advocacy.

The coalition consists of three subgroups — Alcohol and Drug Prevention, Violence Prevention, and Survivor Advocacy.