What is covered?

The OSU health insurance plan is a major medical plan covered by Aetna Student Health Insurance that reimburses 90 percent of covered services and prescriptions (filled at SHS pharmacy), with unlimited coverage per accident or illness, per year. There is a $300 deductible if care is received off campus (away from Student Health Services).

Who is eligible?

Postdoctoral Fellows with an active fellowship at OSU.

Proof of insurance is not mandated for postdoctoral fellows but is, instead, optional. Postdoc fellows may enroll in the Aetna health insurance plan for OSU.

What does it cost?

The following rates are effective for the 2017-18 policy year (per term):

  • Fellow-only coverage – $568.33
  • Fellow + Spouse/Partner – $1,101.66
  • Fellow + Children (1 or more) - $1,634.99
  • Fellow + Spouse/Partner + Child - $1,634.99
  • Fellow + Spouse/Partner + Children – $2,168.32
  • Fellow + Child - $1,101.66

How do I enroll and pay?

It's easy. Just click here. Review the Plan Design and Benefits Summary for Policy Year 2017-2018, select "enroll now" and continue the steps as directed. Payment for the health insurance is due at the time of enrollment and is made directly to Aetna Student Health Insurance. Aetna accepts Visa/MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express and electronic checks.

Need help? Just call 1-800-683-7299. Someone can help you Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET. 

When will my insurance be effective?

The health insurance plan year runs from 9/11/17 to 9/10/18. However, insurance coverage is on a term-by-term basis and will be based on the postdoctoral fellowship appointment begin and end dates.

Coverage dates for terms

Fall: 9/11/17 to 12/27/17
Winter: 12/28/17 to 3/28/18
Spring: 3/29/18 to 9/10/18
Summer: 6/21/18 to 9/10/18

Open enrollment periods

Fall: 9/01/17 to 10/13/17
Winter: 12/23/17 to 1/26/18
Spring: 3/17/18 to 4/20/18
Summer: 6/12/18 to 7/13/18

Can I use the OSU Student Health Center?

Post Doc Fellows are not eligible to use the OSU Student Health Center as you are not registered for classes as a student and do not pay any tuition or fees.

Can I keep my coverage after my fellowship ends?

After your Post Doc Fellowship ends you are no longer eligible for Aetna Student Health Insurance. There is no COBRA coverage as this is not an employer group plan and Continuation Coverage is not offered.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

General Insurance Questions: 541-737-6748