One Act

The problem is not how much you care about your friends.

The problem is not how protective you are of your partner.

The problem is not how much fun you have on Friday night.

The problem is not your good intentions.

The problem is choosing not to take action.

“It is not my responsibility.”

“I am a little tipsy too.”

“I don’t know what to do.”

“I might embarrass myself.”

“Her friends are probably here somewhere.”

“I don’t want to make it worse.”

One Act is a new Student Health Services education initiative that will provide members of the Oregon State community with the skills they need to prevent, recognize, and intervene in high-risk situations.

How Can I Help?

To learn more, please contact Jenny Haubenreiser at jenny.haubenreiser@oregonstate.edu.

One act could mean one less. What will your one act be?