Occupational Health Services at Oregon State University is a comprehensive program that strives to strengthen the campus safety culture by serving to protect employees who are at risk. Risks are everywhere in the workplace and few jobs are without hazards. Student Health Services partners with Environmental Health and Safety to provide medical screening, surveillance, immunizations and health and safety education to faculty, staff and student employees in the course of their employment at OSU.

As of September 2014, Occupational Health is now centrally funded. Since its creation, the program has strived to strengthen the culture of safety on campus by serving to protect employees who are at risk, related to their occupation or job-related duties. With this significant change, the program will no longer bill departments. Occupational Health will continue to provide several work-related services to faculty, staff and student employees through medical screenings, surveillance, immunizations, travel consults, hearing tests and other health and safety education. Without the barrier of fees for service, more departments and employees on campus can be served by this program.

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