The OSU Survivor Advocacy and Resource Center is committed to raising the awareness of the impact of sexual and interpersonal violence on both the individual and the community.

We have developed training programs and presentations to educate and inform the OSU community of this harmful impact and to provide suggestions for the development of attitudes and behaviors that are inclusive, just, and honoring to both individuals and community members impacted by violence.


How to support a survivor
  • This workshop/presentation provides information and teaches skills in how to respond to a friend/colleague/family who has disclosed their experience of some form of sexual or interpersonal violence. We recognize the importance of a survivor experiencing a compassionate and non-judgmental response upon their disclosure that avoids any comments that can be interpreted as victim-blaming. This workshop/presentation will teach listening skills, communication skills, and challenges of some of the rape myths that contribute to a survivor’s difficulty in recovery
How to take care of yourself after a sexual assault
  • This workshop/presentation/discussion group was created to help survivors understand the impact of the sexual/interpersonal assault and to assist in learning coping strategies for their healing process. It offers information about rape myths that contribute to the harm of sexual violence. It offers suggestions for journeying through the healing process including resources that are available to survivors both on- and off- campus. It has been developed to empower the survivor to regain their sense of control and choice, to be validated and believed in their experience and to offer information and support for their chosen recovery.
Sexual assault: How we respond and what to expect
  • This workshop/presentation provides trauma-informed, survivor-centered information about the psychological and social impact of violence on individuals. The workshop is intended to help the audience understand the varying responses of survivors so that their response can be supportive and helpful.
Reporting and disclosure options: Non-confidential and confidential
  • This presentation identifies the options for survivors and community members for discussing the violence experience. Its intent is to inform the audience of reporting options to the school and/or the legal system, define those who are mandatory reporters to the Office of Equity and Inclusion, and what that process would entail. It also identifies for the audience what confidentiality is and who the confidential resources are on- and off- campus.

Also available are customized workshops and presentations that meet the needs of students groups and campus departments. To request any of these workshops or presentations, use the online program request form.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April is designated nationally and at OSU as Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

During this month the Survivor Advocacy and Resource Center will team with other campus partners to present a month-long schedule of events dedicated to raising awareness of the impact of sexual violence on individuals and the community.

These events typically include Take Back the Night, a rally and speak out; a documentary series; forum discussions; speaker presentations; sexual violence prevention presentations; and other events created by student organizations.