MARS is an inclusive LGBT-friendly program

The mission of Male Advocates for Responsible Sexuality (MARS) is to support men in taking a responsible role in promoting equality and cooperation in relationships, pregnancy and infection prevention, and overcoming stereotypical gender roles.

The goal of the MARS program is to increase male involvement in responsible decision making regarding sexual health among males. We believe that this can be accomplished by helping men to learn more about reproductive health in a safe environment from positive male role models.

MARS uses two strategies to achieve its goal: educational outreach and individual clinic consultations.

The core philosophies of the male involvement movement include:

  • Males have unique reproductive and sexual health needs that historically have not been addressed.
  • Males need to be treated as individuals, not just as partners.
  • Addressing men’s reproductive and sexual health creates a win-win situation for men, their partners, and their families.

Individual Appointments

MARS offers an opportunity for young men to attend a free MARS appointment at OSU’s Student Health Services. A MARS appointment is an individual sexual health consultation with a MARS outreach worker. It provides an opportunity to speak to a peer in a confidential and comfortable environment and discuss sexual health issues including:

  • Relationships
  • Testicular self-exams
  • Questions or concerns regarding sexual health
  • Abstinence and contraceptive methods
  • Prevention of sexually transmitted infections

Information and Appointments

To set up an individual appointment with a MARS outreach worker, call the Health Promotion Department at 541-737-2775 and let them know you would like to make an appointment with MARS. If you have any other questions, MARS outreach workers can also be contacted directly by e-mail at

To request a presentation for your class or organization by a MARS outreach worker, select a program from Health Promotion Outreach Presentations.

Health Promotion Department
OSU Student Health Services
337 Plageman Building
Corvallis, OR 97331
Phone: 541-737-2775