Fees for services not covered under the health fee will be billed to the student’s OSU account. The SHS insurance office will directly bill OSU-sponsored plans (Aetna Student Health or PacificSource Graduate Assistant Plan). All other insurances will be billed as a courtesy per student’s request and if information is provided at the time of the appointment. SHS does not have contracts with other insurance plans and is considered an "out-of-network" or "non-participating" provider. Students with non-OSU insurance plans should be aware that charges will still appear on their account after SHS has billed their insurance.

Here are examples of what fees may be attached to a typical visit to Student Health Services during the 2016-2017 academic year (prices subject to change):

You have had a very sore throat and other cold symptoms for three days and decide to come in to the clinic for evaluation. You are seen by a nurse who looks in your throat then sends you to the laboratory to have a throat swab for a strep screen. The laboratory technician performs the test and sends the results back to the nurse. The results are negative and therefore antibiotics are not prescribed. The nurse may give you instructions on how to care for yourself at home, or she sends you to a clinician for further evaluation.

Evaluation by nurse NO CHARGE  
Evaluation by clinician NO CHARGE  
Strep screen in the lab $30.00  

If Strep Screen was positive, a prescription for antibiotics would be written and could be filled at the OSU Student Health Center Pharmacy. There would be an additional charge for the medication.

Prices for prescription drugs depend on the type of medication and the amount. Prices are variable based on manufacturer prices. OSU Student Health Center Pharmacy is considered participating with most insurance plans; contact your carrier to verify coverage.

You injured your wrist last week while diving to catch a Frisbee on the first sunny day of the year. You decide to see a clinician to have your wrist evaluated. After evaluation, the clinician orders an X-ray to rule out a fracture. The results show that your wrist is not fractured, so the clinician orders a wrist support and also recommends that you see a specialist at SHS, i.e. an orthopedist, so you decide to go ahead and make that appointment.

Evaluation by clinician NO CHARGE  
Wrist support, Bioskin $22.00  
X-ray of wrist (if needed) $128.00  
Evaluation by specialist (if needed) $82.00  
TOTAL COST $232.00  

You have made an appointment for an annual gynecological exam and pap smear with a nurse practitioner. You are also going to fill your prescription for birth control pills.

Exam by nurse practitioner NO CHARGE  
Pap smear $60.00 *
Birth control pills variable **
TOTAL COST $60.00 plus cost of Rx

*There is no cost if enrolled in the Oregon Contraceptive Care program (as long as within the designated 11-month period). NOTE: This does not cover for any pathology, if necessary, based on Pap smear review.
**Prices for prescription drugs depend on the type of medication and the amount. Prices are variable based on manufacturer prices.

You are feeling anxious, sad and unable to bear the pressure any more. You are here to see a clinician to be evaluated for depression. After evaluation, the clinician decides you would benefit from seeing a psychiatrist at SHS, so you decide to go ahead and make that appointment.

Evaluation by clinician NO CHARGE  
Appointment with psychiatrist NO CHARGE  
TOTAL COST $0.00  

You accidentally twisted your ankle as you stepped off the curb while hurrying to class. You hobble in to the clinic and go to urgent care. The physician assesses your ankle and orders an X-ray. Your ankle is not broken, but is sprained and is requiring an ace wrap or possibly a splint. You will also need to rent crutches.

Evaluation by physician NO CHARGE  
X-ray / ankle (3 views) $128.00  
Felt pad w/ace wrap $7.00  
Crutch rental $8.00 - $18.00  
TOTAL COST $143.00 - $153.00

You have signed up for a ballroom dance class next term, and decide that now it the time to have that wart removed.

Evaluation by physician NO CHARGE  
Procedure, wart removal $54.00 - $152.00 *
TOTAL COST $54.00 - $152.00  

*Cost depends on location of the wart.

You are home for lunch and cut yourself while slicing a take-and-bake pizza. Your roommate drives you to the health center for an urgent care visit, where the doctor recommends that you receive stitches to close the wound.

Evaluation by physician NO CHARGE  
Procedure, laceration repair $51.00 - $164.00 *
TOTAL COST $51.00 - $164.00  

*Cost depends on size and location of the wound.